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Clothes Show Live 2010

Sets, Stages, Design

  • 11 Years of Clothes Show Live

    Congo Blue’s Ben Teale commented: “I am older and wiser since I began working at the Clotheshow over 11 years ago, but I consider it a testament to the success of the show that we have been able to build a range of different features over the past decade!” Although this year’s stage required new elements, it was built on the same foot print as last year. Live music performances were a key element for this year’s show, alongside well established presentations such as the Young Hairdresser of the Year.

    Normally, a similar design would mean a straightforward installation.  But unfortunately, a faulty electrical main saw the demise of most of the technical equipment on the stage!  This meant replacing over £20,000 worth of equipment overnight in time for the show’s opening on Friday morning.