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Light years ahead

Our in house design team can create, manage and install the perfect lighting solution to illuminate your event.

We can create effective budget lead solutions using the latest lighting technologies. From conferences to live music events we have a huge range of experience and resources available.

Lighting is an area of production that is often overlooked, but with just a small amount of time and money spent on design you can make a huge difference. CongoBlue appreciate the importance of understanding an event and creating the right atmosphere.

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CongoBlue's Lighting Services

  • WYSIWYG Design & Visualisation

    We are able to show your lighting solution in a virtual environment working with you to hone ideas and concepts into a finished design. This is achieved using WYSIWYG state of the art modelling software. From these designs we create detailed technical drawings, DMX & power plots.

  • Catwalk Lighting

    Our wide range of intelligent fixtures and vast stock of generic lanterns allow us to provide perfect lighting coverage of your catwalk while delivering eye-popping colours and effects to entertain and bring the show to life. We use our extensive experience and latest CAD software to ensure that you get the best results for your events brand and budget.


  • Automated Lighting

    Using some of the latest fixtures on the market including Robe, Clay Paky, Martin Professional

    Arc-Lamp, LED,

    Profile, Wash, Beam

  • Media Integration

    Working closely with our video department we are able to implement comprehensive creative solutions utilising both low resolution and high resolution LED products. Control is managed using a range of technologies including Green Hippo, ArKaos, Pandoras Box and D3.

  • Conventional Generic lighting

    Used alongside the automated and intelligent lights, conventional lighting fixtures provide that essential infrastructure to the design.

    Profiles, Fresnels, blinders, Par-cans, Festoon and Flood lights

  • LED Lighting

    This technology is powerful and bright, yet highly efficient with minimal power consumption.

    LED fixtures are transforming the lighting industry and CongoBlue are on the leading edge.

    Wireless integration allows for super fast set-up. This is a brilliant technology for corporate events where set-up times are limited. Combined with large capacity batteries there is no need for cables, which provides a neat and tidy solution.