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There are very few theatre companies in the country, even in the world, that house all the people in one place that are needed to provide everything required in this industry. This means that producers and production managers are having to seek out, employ and sync up any number of people to simply put on a show.

Here at CongoBlue we have a varied team with years of cross platform experiences, many of whom have worked in theatre and entertainment for many years, and forged careers as designers and engineers in their own right. We understand the pressures of getting a show to stage and delivering a quality performance. Our varied experience and understanding allows us to help productions manage budgets to make the most of their limited resources.

We provide a one stop shop for theatre solutions, able to create a package for production management, audio, lighting, video and scenic construction under one roof, and tailor it to your productions needs. This helps keep control over your spending and makes your budgets stretch further. Having everything come from one place means we can more efficiently spread the cost and in the end supply more for your money whether that be with better specifications or simply make the budget stretch out for longer.

From big budget west end productions all the way to small budget touring shows we can supply a solution that suits the scale of your show and the scale of your budget, allowing you to step up the production value of your offering with minimal extra stress for yourselves.

One point of contact for you, and we can achieve your vision together to create a production of merit.

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Our bespoke theatre services

  • One stop shop Production Management

    There is a long list of people involved in creating a theatrical production besides the director and performers.

    CongoBlue have developed a team which can fulfil all these roles:- Sound Designer – Lighting Designer – Production Electrician – Production Sound Engineer – Construction Manager – Set Carpenters – Welders – AV Designers – AV Technicians – Get in & Load in Crew – Scenic Artists – Costume Supervisors – Seamstresses – Desk Programmers – Board Operators – Automation Experts

  • Scenic delivery

    We have a growing scenic construction department where services include in house construction management, building, general painting and scenic art services. All the way from a designer’s model box through to a completed full scale set construction.

    Anything from a one central set piece for a small tour all the way to a full stage set for any sized venue, all from our very own professionally fitted out workshop.

  • Sound Design & Audio Solutions

    Our in-house sound designers have worked across the country including in the west end and are capable of working within an already established creative team.

    We can offer soundscape construction, alongside original compositions and SFX creation to best suit your piece, helping create a sound language that translates across the entire production.

  • Video and technology integration

    Video in theatre is relatively new, but a developing technology. We have the expertise and experience here to help guide you towards the most creative and effective integration.

    Anything you can dream up we can achieve together, including screens built into a set, projection mapping onto moving set pieces and video mapping an entire space.

  • Lighting Design / Hire

    Supplying a lighting designer and working alongside you to create a full package from design all the way through to realisation, including fixtures, fabrications and the team to install into your creative performance space.

    Our hire inventory is readily available to complement any existing equipment that you may own.