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Charities we support

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Congo Blue believes in supporting our local community and the wider world, through direct financial support, the loan of equipment or special discounts.

As part of SFL Group we run payroll giving for all our employees to encourage them to support charities close to their hearts in addition to this support the Group provides on going regular support to a wide range of charities. As well as looking for opportunities to provide one off donations. Harnessing Congo blues creativity we also strive to offer support in other ways too.

Key charitable organisations that we support are selected annually from nominations made by any Congo team member. We aim to offer financial long term support to a small selection of charities.

We also provide one off donations to charities as and when we are approached or a team member makes a request – for example in 2014 we provided a local charity with a one off donation towards the purchase of a first response vehicle to attend emergencies in the local area. In 2015 we are following this up with a financial plan to support them long term with keeping this vehicle on the road.

To support and encourage charities with their own fundraising efforts we also offer matched funding that they have already secured.

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