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International Jewellery London

It was our pleasure to be involved with creating a new catwalk stage at the International Jewellery London show at London Olympia. It was a pleasure to work once again for Production Element, who we have a fantastic relationship with, after working with them at both the National Wedding Show and Moda fashion shows throughout the last three years.

For this event, we worked through three different stage designs which all fitted within the clients budget, before they settled on the final design. Read on below for more in depth insight into how the stage came together.


Fashion changes, but style endures.

Project details

  • Stage and set

    The set was designed to be low key allowing the focus to fully be on the jewellery on show, but also for it to match the theme and style of the rest of the show. We created two ‘floating’ panels on each side of the doorways and had large format prints created with the same graphic as being used by the marketing team around the show. These were enhanced by LED lighting fitted behind to create the ‘glow’ effect.The client was keen to keep an intimate feel, so we decided to move the catwalk onto the floor rather than raised staging, which is becoming more and more common on the fashion show market. We laid a wooden effect vinyl instead to mark out the catwalk.

  • Lighting

    Like with all catwalks within the exhibition environment, photography is key to the its success. With the catwalk being relatively short, measuring only 6m x 1.5m, we installed a single spline truss and paired Source 4 Pars down the truss to produce a very even colour on the models’ skin.

    To draw more attention to the printed graphics hanging on the wings of the set, we fitted LED tape around the back of the panel, giving it a glow effect from the back wall.

    To add some movement to the lighting, we hung six of our new LED beam moving heads. These are very cost effective, very bright, and provide subtle movement over the catwalk during the show. Finally, we hung a 60cm mirrorball on the centre of the truss, which was used to enhance a particular scene in the catwalk.

  • Video

    Once again, Congo Blue 3mm LED screen was called upon to provide a backdrop to the main thrust of the catwalk. The screen was hung in a 1.5m x 2m configuration, which was perfect for large text and graphics. Between shows, a live twitter feed was shown on the screen and, during the catwalk, it was used to display the logo of the jewellery designers as their product came down the catwalk.

  • Audio

    The audio system was designed specifically to provide the perfect level to people seated around the catwalk, but without spilling onto the other exhibition areas so as not too disturb them while they are talking to clients, which is an approach we take to all audio systems in an exhibition environment. As always, the speakers were discreetly hung from the truss, with the subs hidden behind the back set panels.